SAISONstART Frankfurter Galerien

September 12 - 14

Tamrat Gezahegne

Opening: Friday, September 12, 2014 – 6 pm
Venue: Galerie Exler, Fahrgasse 6, 60311 Frankfurt
Opening hours: September 13 – 14, 11 am – 6 pm

Engdaget Legesse

May 17 - June 21


Opening: Friday, May 16, 7 pm
Exhibition: May 17 – June 21, 2014
Opening hours: Thursday – Saturday, 1 – 7 pm
Venue: Galerie Exler, Fahrgasse 6, 60311 Frankfurt

Please see here the pressrelease (english)
Pressemitteilung (german)
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Art Bodensee

July 12 - 14


Dornbirn, Austria

Shown artists:
Engdaget Legesse
Tamrat Gezahegn
Bisrat Shibabaw

Art Bodensee

July 13 - 15


Dornbirn, Austria

Shown artists:
Tamrat Gezahegn
Behailu Bezabih
Engdaget Legesse

Kunst und Antiquitätentage Münster

March 10 - 13


Art from Another World

March 18 - 27


joint exhibition in Maastricht:
Art from Another World
Important ritual objects and adornments from indigenous cultures, Maastricht
Venue: Karavanserai, Rechtstraat 53 & 72, Maastricht
Vernisage: Friday, March 18, 4-9 pm

New York Tribal and Textile Art Show

May 13 -17


Exhibition at the New York Tribal and Textile Art Show
More information on the event on

Duesseldorf Antique and Art Fair

February 3 - 7


Exhibition at the Duesseldorf Antique and Art Fair.


November 18 - 21


November 18 – 21, 2009
Courtly Batiks from Central-Java

Opening: Wednesday, November 18, 7 pm
Opening Times: November 19 – 21, 2009, noon – 7 pm

Mainzer Straße 31 und 37
50678 Köln
Fon 0221.31 20 47
Parking available in Rheinauhafen Tiefgarage, Bayenstraße, 50678 Köln

Exhibition accompanying the
Cologne Fine Art & Antiques

London – Perspectives

September 23 to 26


Galleries 27 and 28 Cork Street. Mayfair, London.
Tribal Perspectives was launched in 2007. The concept was thought up over a dinner in Philadelphia between three tribal art dealers: Bryan Reeves, Chris Boylan and Klaus Sachau. It began in 2007 in a single gallery space off Portobello Rd in Notting hill, London. The initial sucess led to its steady expansion with each year prominate dealers joining and the attendance and awareness of the event increasing significently.
To lift the profile further in 2009 the show has been moved to the heart of the London gallery district in Cork Street, Mayfair.

New York International Tribal and Textile Arts Show

May 14 to 17


Tana-Sachau exhibited at the New York International Tribal and Textile Arts Show.
69th Regiment Armory, Lexington Avenue at 26th Street, New York City

San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show

February 13 to 15


Tana-Sachau exhibited at the San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show
Fort Mason Centre, San Francisco, CA

Amsterdam Tribal Art Fair

October 30 to November 2


Tana-Sachau exhibited at The Amsterdam Tribal Art Fair
De Duif, Prinsengracht 756, Amsterdam

Perspectives, Tribal Art in London

October 1 to 5


Also the second version of “Perspectives” was very successful. The five day exhibition of art from five different exhibitors also benefited to the fact that other local business’s along Blenheim Crecent, restaurants, Books for Cooks and the Travel Book Shop participated with window displays and special menu’s. Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith held their first European book launch of their limited edition double volume ‘Karo and Surma’.

International Tribal & Textile Arts Show

May 15th to 18th


Tana-Sachau exhibited at The New York International Tribal & Textile Arts Show.

Artist residence



Early May 2008 Tana-Sachau hosted the artist Behailu Bezabih at the Gallery in Germany.